How we went from $40 to the top-rated commercial real estate brokerage in Colorado.

Our Story

Moishe and Dysia Sonenreich came to America in 1950, escaping Nazi Germany. It was a dark, difficult journey, but they were determined to start a new life. They arrived in Denver, Colorado, with $40 and a baby.
Their first few years were tough as they adjusted to their new lives and learned English. Moishe worked in a meatpacking facility while Dysia stayed home and raised four children. Moishe Sonenreich knew there was generational wealth to be created in America, and they persevered and eventually thrived. Moishe had his eyes set on real estate.
It started with a duplex. The family lived on one side while they rented out the other. They then shifted to motels. Owning and managing Motels was a difficult way to make a living.  It required long hours and a lot of upkeep, but it fed the family and allowed Moishe to build.
In 1984 Moishe bought the family’s first warehouse, and little did he know it would change the family forever. 
Izzy started in commercial real estate in 1976.  He was only 22 years old when he started in the industry. Izzy worked with his father for a few years and then struck out independently. He started buying and syndicating warehouses and land and investing in real estate. Izzy syndicated over 1600 acres of ground in the Denver Metro area and continues to do so. He amassed a significant industrial real estate portfolio in Denver, which the Warehouse Hotline still leases and manages to this day.
Aviva joined the family business at 22, hell-bent on proving her way. Aviva noticed a significant gap in how Commercial Real Estate utilized the internet. She quickly integrated modern marketing practices through automation, data analytics, and social media strategy to expand the company rapidly. Meanwhile, the internet was not only changing the overall practices of commercial real estate, but it was also controlling how the general public needed commercial real estate as a whole.
With a strong passion for helping people create their destinies, Aviva and the Warehouse Hotline use social media to speak to +1.2 million followers on TikTok and Instagram under the alias, @RealEstateSource, to share a wealth of knowledge on one of the industry’s most rapidly growing markets. Aviva’s  expertise has earned her a spot on the Forbes Real Estate Council, and she was named CREI’s #1 Instagram Influencer in Commercial Real Estate.